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While we are living longer, the chances of needing care certainly become greater. Also while life expectancy issues have increased, the cost of living longer has increased as well. Long term care insurance is designed to help you pay for those expenses if you are unable to do the normal activities of daily living. READ MORE >>

You've worked hard to build a web design business. Perhaps you are ready to jump out on your own and start freelancing. Or you may be developing a large-scale business and you're proud of what it’s becoming. In any case, all businesses—big and small—have risks. READ MORE >>

Property managers and condo association board members have many responsibilities. One of their main responsibilities is to make sure they are adequately insured with all the proper coverages and limits of insurance. There are a host of coverages that a condo association needs to consider; we touched on many of them in the article Mastering Condo Association Risk with a Master Policy. READ MORE >>

Having a child with special needs can be financially challenging, even if your child is an incredible blessing in your life. What if you were not there to provide your child with the care and support they need? Not only will they need to rely on someone else for their support and care, but they could face financial hardships as well. READ MORE >>

Twenty-two percent of the world’s economy is made up of digital enterprises. That number is expected to increase to 25% by 2020.   15% of digital enterprises' market share has occurred only in the last 10 years. READ MORE >>

When a business suffers a covered loss to its building and/or its business personal property (contents), the property insurance in force will provide funds to repair the damage or replace the property. Sometimes the severity of the property damage makes it necessary for the business to close or f... READ MORE >>

Purchasing a new car is a process. You need to research the make and model thoroughly to understand which is right for you. You may spend a great deal of time finding the best place to purchase your new car. And, you may look for a loan that is as affordable as possible. READ MORE >>

Condo associations have unique insurance needs because each unit owner often times also owns a portion of the building. Determining what that portion is can sometimes be tricky. This is one reason Condo Associations form a board to make these types of determinations through what is known as the association by-laws. READ MORE >>

Downsizing can be one of the most difficult of transitions. However, many people face the need to downsize. Your current home may no longer provide you with the best amenities for your needs. You may be older and looking for a smaller home. On the other hand, you may be going through a significant life change like divorce. READ MORE >>

As most Americans are now aware, the ACA requires that all individuals must have health insurance or incur penalties and fines. These penalties are “levied” by the IRS and will be accounted for on each individual’s tax return. Employers are required to submit reporting forms as well. READ MORE >>

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