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MotorcycleWhether you ride daily or only for pleasure, taking your motorcycle for a ride comes with risks.

Bikers face a risk of bike damage, maintenance issues, accidents and injuries on the road. They face risks like every other driver. However, a motorcycle is not the average car. Motorcycles are unique, and they leave riders more exposed to the risks of the road. Should an accident occur, the relative insecurity of the bike could exacerbate injuries.

Because you might face higher injury risks, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Maintain Your Bike

No one wants to have a maintenance problem while they are on a ride. An unexpected or catastrophic occurrence could lead to injuries.

Therefore, make sure your bike is safe to operate before taking it out. Proper inspection and maintenance can help you avoid problems before they start.

  • Have a mechanic perform regular preventative maintenance. This might include changing the oil, cleaning the engine, and inspecting the wheels. Perform maintenance according to state regulations and manufacturer recommendations.
  • Check the bike’s tires for appropriate tire pressure. If your tires’ pressure is wrong, your bike cannot properly grip the pavement. This could lead to control issues. Incorrect tire pressure could also lead to a burst or collapsed wheel in the middle of a ride.
  • Also check the bike’s wheel treads. Treads become worn over their lifespan, and this makes it harder for old tires to grip the road.
  • Make sure your hand controls still respond appropriately to operation. Check your dash panel to make sure all gauges have proper calibration.
  • Check your brake pedals and brake pads frequently. Most bikes require periodic brake recalibration and pad replacement.
  • Clean around the bike’s spokes and wheel wells for any debris accumulation. Make sure nothing can block the wheels while they are in motion.

If you do your best to protect your bike itself, you can go a long way towards protecting yourself while on the road.

Use Safety Gear

When biking, there is very little between you and the elements. Therefore, you need to do your best to protect yourself while you ride.

Even though motorcycle insurance and medical insurance usually help you in the event of injuries, do not consider safety gear optional. Consider your different safety options while preparing for a ride.

  • Helmets: Both motorcycle riders and passengers who are under 21 years old are required to wear a helmet in South Carolina. A responsible rider should always use this vital piece of equipment. Head injuries are often extremely critical. Crash helmets protect a person’s head in the event of a motorcycle crash. They should be a trusted companion to any biker.
  • Pads: Many motorcyclists use shoulder, arm, knee and leg pads while they ride. These pads can often protect you from injuries that range from superficial to severe. Some bikers even invest in more extensive padding like back braces. Pads range from simple to complex, and can greatly benefit all bikers.
  • Goggles: Most of us want to feel the wind on our faces while we ride. However, there is always a chance that we could encounter road debris. Exposing your eyes to the open elements is a safety risk. Should debris impact your eyes, it could cause a problem, particularly if you encounter impacts at high speeds.
  • Gloves: Many riders use gloves to help them grip the handlebars and maintain control of the bike. However, other riders are better able to grip the bars using their bare hands. Take the time to test your gloves in a safe environment to make sure they help you maintain control.
  • Protective clothing: Exposure to the elements while you bike can pose a risk to your safety. Risks might include hypothermia, sunburn and other problems. Use strong, durable clothing that will better protect you while you ride. Consider wearing long pants and sleeves, along with strong shoes.

A properly protected biker can greatly reduce his or her injury risks. Therefore, do your best to protect your body while you are on the road.

Use Your Insurance

Motorcycles pose physical risks to their riders. However, they also pose financial risks. Carrying motorcycle insurance can help you protect both your physical and financial protection.

Motorcycle insurance comes with coverage levels that are specifically tailored to bikes. It can help you make repairs, and possibly even afford to replace a totaled bike. It also usually comes with liability protection in case you are at fault in an accident.

Furthermore, some motorcycle policies can help you cover your own injuries. Depending on your policy, you might be able to add personal injury protection to the coverage. Injury protection might help you in case you need funds as a result of injuries from an accident.

We can help you get a Florence SC motorcycle insurance policy to meet your needs. Call us at 843-519-2557 for more information.

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