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The statistics on distracted driving can be worrisome. Distraction.gov, a website by the U.S. government provides some alarming statistics. In 2014, 431,000 people got hurt in accidents related to distracted driving. That year, 3,179 died in automobile accidents.  READ MORE >>

Texting and driving is a prevalent issue across the United States, and the world.  As more and more people are choosing to text while they drive, the occurrence of accidents is also increasing.  In fact, according to Distraction.Gov, 10% of young drivers involved in accidents were distracted at the time. READ MORE >>

The choice to drink and drive is one that can negatively affect the rest of your life.  If an accident occurs while you are drinking and driving, the consequences can be severe.  We all know about the serious consequences of drinking and driving READ MORE >>

Teens don’t listen.  It’s just a fact.  Every once in a while you’ll find one that is calm and cooperative, but generally speaking, you have to be pretty convincing if you want a teenager to do something that goes “against their nature” – like driving safely. READ MORE >>

It doesn't take much for one to realize that there is possibility for injury all around you when you drive a car. One mistake on your end or on someone else’s could lead to serious pain – whether physical or financial. As long as you have constant vigilance on the road, you should be READ MORE >>

Texting has become one of the most important elements of human interaction in the modern day.  And that means, your children are probably texting already—though texting has many benefits, there are some down sides that you need to make your kids aware of.   READ MORE >>

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