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Technically speaking, no home requires insurance. That is, home insurance is not legally mandated, as is the case with car insurance. If you want to live in a home without protection, that is your prerogative. You will have to cover major damages and liability claims and lawsuits out of pocket this way, but you are legally allowed to do that. READ MORE >>

Americans share their homes with 90 million dogs. For the most part, these pets add joy to our lives and can even help us live longer. However, some dogs become aggressive once they leave the familiar sights and scents of home. Find out whether your home insurance policy covers dog bites, what your liability is as a pet owner and how to prevent dog bites. READ MORE >>

Home insurance does not always cover foundation damage. It may not cover some risks to your home caused by a damaged foundation either. That’s why it is so important to protect this area of the home. It is the base of the structural integrity of your property. READ MORE >>

For many, using home insurance is an infrequent task. You may not file a claim for years. When you do, you may have some concern about what a deductible is and how it applies to your situation. The good news is the process is often very simple and straightforward. READ MORE >>

Unexpected problems occur every day to homeowners. When they happen, they can lead to serious financial loss for some people. And, that may mean it is very difficult to overcome the problem and get on with your life. You have home insurance for this reason. It helps minimize the financial risks you face as a property owner. READ MORE >>

Floods often cause extreme threats to public safety. When floods interrupt public services, they may deprive people of needed utilities. Despite preparedness training, law enforcement often struggles during times of flooding. It often has to devote resources to the most severe cases of safety threats. READ MORE >>

Having the right type of insurance on your home is a must. There are plenty of risks that can impact it. A storm can cause a tree to fall damaging your roof. Your home insurance will likely help you in this case to overcome the loss. You may have a friend over who falls and gets hurt, leading to costly medical bills. READ MORE >>

Home insurance carriers recommend creating and maintaining a home inventory for the purpose of documentation of your belongings. If something were to happen to your home today, would you be able to account for all of your belongings to report to the insurance company? That's not likely. READ MORE >>

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