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Life insurance is a great way to help your survivors after you die. When you are gone, you won’t be able to provide for them physically. However, you can leave behind a legacy that will benefit them for quite some time. In reality, there are no limits to ways your survivors can use your life insurance benefits. READ MORE >>

The investment in life insurance provides financial protection for a family. If the covered individual dies while the policy is in place, this policy pays out money to the listed beneficiary. Having this policy can offer some key benefits, too. Specifically, it can often offer tax benefits. READ MORE >>

Graded life insurance is a policy that insures individuals with particular health concerns. These health issues are usually quite serious. In most instances, those seeking graded life insurance can't get traditional life insurance. Instances When Graded Life Insurance Makes Sense READ MORE >>

Life insurance provides financial support to your family should you die. It can help support their needs for years after your death. Life insurance can provide support for mortgages, living expenses or even education costs. Yet, many people become very ill before their death and this type of investment may offer some help. READ MORE >>

Many people think they don’t need life insurance until they are older. Others say that life insurance is too expensive. Often, these are false assumptions. Life insurance isn’t always expensive. In fact, it can be quite affordable. There are many ways you can save on life insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you are single and don’t have any dependents. Why do you need life insurance? This type of financial tool is meant to help leave behind funds to help dependents and others to maintain their quality of life should something happen to you. But, for those who do not have dependents, this type of insurance may not seem worthwhile. READ MORE >>

It’s time to think about the future. You know the importance of having life insurance, but you may be unsure what type of insurance is right for your needs and your overall goals. For many of today’s average Americans, life insurance seems complex. It does not have to be. READ MORE >>

If you have turned on the news recently it’s impossible to miss the fact that the US is, and has been, experiencing a period of extremely low interest rates. It’s great news if you’re buying a home–not so great news for your securities portfolio. READ MORE >>

Having a child with special needs can be financially challenging, even if your child is an incredible blessing in your life. What if you were not there to provide your child with the care and support they need? Not only will they need to rely on someone else for their support and care, but they could face financial hardships as well. READ MORE >>

Shopping for life insurance can be a complicated process. There are many options and extras to look through when researching policy options. The plethora of insurance companies offering life insurance products can make purchasing coverage even more complicated. Of course, you want the most for your money without overpaying for a policy. READ MORE >>

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