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Home insurance does not always cover foundation damage. It may not cover some risks to your home caused by a damaged foundation either. That’s why it is so important to protect this area of the home. It is the base of the structural integrity of your property. READ MORE >>

Most companies work hard to ensure every product they put out onto the market is going to work properly. Yet, mistakes happen. Sometimes, your employee or the manufacturing process is to blame for the mistake. In other cases, the product failure occurs due to customer misuse. READ MORE >>

A falling object strikes the hood of your car. You have no idea why it happened. Yet, the large dent in your hood means you need to pay a significant amount for repairs. Will your auto insurance help you? Falling objects are a type of commonly-covered repair, but there are a few limitations here. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance can be quite comprehensive. When selecting a policy, be sure to choose one that represents your individual needs based on how you use your truck. One option for some trucks is loading and unloading liability coverage. Take a closer look at how this type of insurance may help minimize some of your financial loss. READ MORE >>

When filing a claim on your home insurance policy, you may need to determine the value of your assets. This value is not simple to determine in some situations. Most types of assets depreciate over time. Their values are much less now than when you bought those items a few years ago. READ MORE >>

Workers' compensation insurance provides financial protection for individuals who suffer an injury while on the job or performing work-related tasks. If you have a way to prevent these injuries, that is always important to do. Doing so helps minimize your risks and costs for such coverage. READ MORE >>

Buying a sports car can be a lifelong dream. Even if you buy one every other year, the costs for auto insurance can be a bit overwhelming. Costs are higher for a good reason. Sports cars have a higher value. That means they tend to be more costly to replace in a significant accident. READ MORE >>

Running a boutique clothing store means managing a lot of unique stock. It also means taking care of your customers. If something were to happen to them, the business could lose a customer and face harmful damage costs. What recourse would you have in such situations? READ MORE >>

For many, using home insurance is an infrequent task. You may not file a claim for years. When you do, you may have some concern about what a deductible is and how it applies to your situation. The good news is the process is often very simple and straightforward. READ MORE >>

The investment in commercial auto insurance is an important one. It provides business owners with both protection for their asset’s value and liability protection. Yet, proper coverage is something that can be confusing. Who needs a commercial policy? READ MORE >>

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